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Company Overview


Digital Reserve Energy [DRE] unites data centers and energy producers.

Leveraging stranded energy that is traditionally lost, DRE builds infrastructure at the source to convert wasted potential into valuable outcomes. We provide logistical solutions, leaning on our vast network and intimate knowledge of energy, real estate, and technology.


1. Consulting: New ideas and industries often bring unique and unclear challenges. Digital Reserve Energy acts as a guide for those wanting exposure to a novel asset while regulation and guidelines mature. DRE offers permitting, logistics, infrastructure development, and operations management expertise. As the adage goes, this isn’t our first rodeo. Delivering clarity through direct and personal experience within the many facets of technology and energy is our specialty.

2. Hosting: The DRE team understands that finding low-cost energy at competitive market rates and utilizing cutting-edge equipment drives long-term viability. For decades, excess energy that was too expensive to transport was lost in transmission or wasted at the source. Fortunately, the West provides an abundance of cheap energy through a highly developed energy sector. DRE operates various energy-diverse data center facilities, allowing clients to match miners to their unique requirements and preferences.

3. Site Selection: There is a surplus of competitively priced energy in the West, though the technology sector remains largely unconnected to energy producers. DRE acts as an intermediary between the two industries. DRE has a competitive advantage in locating potential sites awaiting development due to our extensive network and history within the region. Our boots-on-the-ground approach to business brings genuine and honest partnerships, benefitting landowners, energy producers, and data centers.

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3485 N Pines Way, Wilson, WY, 83014, USA

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Team Members

Ryan Randall

Chief Business Officer

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil