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Company Overview


Energy Services for Bitcoin Miners We apply GIS and Big Data to develop opportunities intersecting Oil & Gas and Bitcoin Mining.


1. Land Services

  • Land acquisition and management
  • Title Research for M&A
  • Mineral & Royalty Acquisitions
  • Farm-outs Negotiations
  • Off-take Acquisitions

2. GIS Technology

  • Maps
  • Dashboards
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

BitPetro provides the market-wide ability to rapidly search, select, purchase, assemble, and manage data sets. This builds the underlying data infrastructure for the geospatial intelligence necessary for operations.

3. Competitive Land Acquisition for Energy and Bitcoin Operations

We negotiate the purchase of land, gas, and grid power for our clients mining Bitcoin. By facilitating the acquisition of land and power to mine Bitcoin, we can help Miners keep their energy costs to a minimum.

Gas producers can partner directly with us in order to monetize their stranded gas. The energy generated from natural gas can net Upstream and Midstream operators a guaranteed income stream even without existing pipelines in place.

We can source the Bitcoin ASICs through our existing distribution channels and OEMs. We can also negotiate power purchase agreements through our energy broker partners.

4. Bitcoin Services

  • Business Custody Education
  • Operational Security Support
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Reporting

BitPetro provides education and support to Energy companies Bitcoin management in daily operations. This method of cash flow management with Bitcoin operational carries risks but can act as a significant hedge against inflation.

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1816 Velda Kay Lane Haslet, Texas 76052

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Team Members

Jonathan Kohn

Technology & Energy Professional, Manager

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex