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Scott Offord is a cryptocurrency mining hardware reseller and provider of related services.

According to his offical website, Scott's extensive history in the Bitcoin mining industry includes working with Halong Mining from 2017-2018 to bring the DragonMint model of miners to the market, which was the first mining manufacturer to release a 10nm ASIC SHA-256 miner to the public. During his time with Halong Mining, Scott was responsible for implementing a CRM to ensure all leads and prospects were properly nurtured and brought through the sales funnel. He also led up the warranty repair department, and customers still speak well of Halong Mining to this day.

After reinventing himself as a Bitcoin mining equipment broker, Scott went on to create the Crypto Mining Tools brand in 2019, which he sold some of its assets to Distributed Ledger Inc in 2020. He then created Scott's Crypto Mining Conference, and Scott & Brad's Crypto Mining Farm Operations Training Course.

At the moment, Scott is open to other opportunities in the cryptocurrency mining industry and is currently working on creating a North America-based ASIC miner manufacturing company, with the goal of releasing an SHA256 miner by the time he turns 50 years old.

For those looking to buy or sell new and used bitcoin miners, Scott offers exclusive deals on Telegram.



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Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA.

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Scott Offord

ASIC Miner Marketing & Sales Consultant

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA