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Company Overview


Safety Miner is a cryptocurrency mining hardware reseller that provides a simplified and hassle-free process for acquiring mining equipment, based in the United States.

According to their offical website, Safety Miner was founded by two young and passionate individuals with expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Safety Miner has established commercial agreements with mining factories in China to ensure a steady supply of premium mining gear. The company's mission is to extend investment opportunities and potential in the cryptocurrency mining industry while offering maximum peace of mind and security to its clients.

Safety Miner prides itself on providing personalized attention and expert advice to its clients. The company's main financial objective is to offer medium-term returns to its clients through sustainable growth in mining earnings. Safety Miner believes in the potential of cryptocurrency mining to generate significant returns for its clients and aims to facilitate their success by simplifying the import procedures and handling all the necessary paperwork.

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1309 Coffeen Avenue, STE 1200, Sheridan, Wyoming

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Main Products


Goldshell KD MAX

Algorithm: Kadena Hashrate: 40.2 TH/S Efficiency: 3350W/h


Goldshell HS6

Algorithm: Handshake, Blake2B-Sia Hashrate: 10.6 TH/S Efficiency: 2350W/h


Goldshell CK6

Algorithm: Eaglesong Hashrate: 19.3 TH/S Efficiency: 3300W/h


Goldshell SC6 SE

Algorithm: Blake2B-Sia Hashrate: 17 Th/s Efficiency: 3300 W/h


iPollo V1 Mini

Algorithm: Ethash / ETHW, ETHF, ETC, QKC, CLO, POM Hashrate: 300 Mh/s Power: 240W

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Antminer Bitcoin Miner S19 XP

Air-cooling Miner BTC/BCH/BSV SHA256 Hashrate: 141T Power Con: 3031.5W Efficiency: 21.5J/T


Antminer ETH/ETC Miner E9

ETH/ETC Ethash Hashrate: 2400M Power Con: 1920W Efficiency: 0.8 J/M


Antminer Bitcoin Miner S19

Coin: BTC/BCH/BSV Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 95T Power: 3250W Efficiency: 34.5J/T


iBeLink BM-K3

Air Cooling Algorithm: Kadena Hashrate: 70Th/s Efficiency :0.047j/Gh Power consumption: 3300W.

S1 Max.png

iBeLink BM-S1 Max

Air Cooling Algorithm: Blake2B-Sia Hashrate: 12Th/s Efficiency :0.263j/Gh Power consumption: 3150W.