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Company Overview


BlokForge is a cryptocurrency mining hardware reseller and service provider, established in 2016 and headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. The company is a leading online provider for ASIC mining hardware in the United States, specializing in ASIC, GPU, Coin, Hash, and related accessories.

According to their offical website, BlokForge's services make mining simple as their experienced team offers a variety of services to help make your mining dreams a reality, including procurement services, maintenance, and logistical support. They are equipped to handle the entire distribution cycle, with a 100,000 square foot warehouse in Arizona and a secondary facility in Hong Kong. Best in class warehouse managers store, ship, and maintain product inventory for companies of all sizes.

They are proud to be an official distributor of Canaan and have built relationships with top manufacturers to offer the most competitive pricing. Simply share your goals with them, and they'll source machines that fit your needs.

BlokForge also offers full-service maintenance, cleaning, repair, and 5 Megawatts of power available for testing services. Their in-house experts can handle everything from troubleshooting to full refurbishments. They also provide services to assist with miner relocation, including transportation, receiving, and warehousing products, testing and repairing miners, cleaning, packaging, and shipping.

In addition to its distribution services, the company has also hosted several informational classes and seminars, and continues to provide educational resources for interested learners. BlokForge accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for products, and also offers employees the opportunity to receive compensation in Bitcoin.

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254 W Broadway Rd, Mesa, Arizona USA

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Nick J


Arizona, United States

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Main Products

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WhatsMiner M30S+

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 100Th/s Efficiency: 34W/T Power consumption: 3400W.


Antminer Litecoin Miner L7

LTC/DOGE Scrypt Air-cooling Miner Hashrate: 9050M Power Con: 3260W Efficiency: 0.36J/M


WhatsMiner M50S

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 130Th/s Efficiency: 26J/T Power consumption: 3380W.

Avalon A1246

Algorithm: SHA-256 Hashrate: 90 TH/s Power Consumption: 3420W Power Efficiency: 38W/TH