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Company Overview


AsicMinerz, a Hungarian-owned company, is a leading provider of comprehensive premium services for cryptocurrency miners. Founded with the aim of making crypto mining more accessible to a wider audience, AsicMinerz provides a full range of services to beginner, experienced, or curious miners. They do everything related to mining, including sales, commissioning, operation of mining machines, fleet management, education, repair of mining machines, and financial and legal advice related to mining.

According to their offical website, AsicMinerz is a reliable partner in crypto mining, providing legal and financial advice, fleet management of mining machines, customer support, mining hardware hosting, and miner repair center. They are also crypto miners and understand the needs and doubts of their customers. As experts who know the crypto market, they've been in the same boat as their customers and are here to help.

AsicMinerz wants to bring crypto mining closer to the people and make it more accessible to a wider audience. They opened the first crypto showroom in Central and Eastern Europe in Budapest. Whether a professional miner, a beginner, or a curious miner who would like to learn and understand more about the world of crypto and about crypto mining, AsicMinerz is here to help. They are committed to providing high-quality services and helping their customers step by step on the road to crypto mining.

Year Established


Office address

Alkotás utca 55-61, 5th floor (Hillside office building)

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Team Members

Bence Józsa

Co-Founder, CEO


Dániel Hájer

Co-Founder, CEO


Áron Szabó

Head of Marketing

Budapest, Hungary

Tamás Kalmár

Head of Sales

Diósd, Pest, Hungary

Ágnes Váczi

Marketing Manager


Patricia Koroknai Musinszki

Office Manager


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Main Products


Antminer Litecoin Miner L7

LTC/DOGE Scrypt Air-cooling Miner Hashrate: 9050M Power Con: 3260W Efficiency: 0.36J/M

Goldshell HS BOX

Box Miner Hashrate:235GH/s Wall Power:230W Dimension: 178 mm x 150mm x 84mm

Goldshell LB BOX

Box Miner Hashrate: 175 GH/s Wall Power: 162 W Dimension: 178mm x 150mm x 84mm

Goldshell SC BOX

Box Miner Hashrate: 900GH/s Wall Power: 200W Dimension: 178mm x 150mm x 84mm

Goldshell KD-Box II

Box Miner Default Hashrate Mode: 5TH/S Default Hashrate Power: 400W Dimension: 178mm x 150mm x 84mm

Goldshell HS LITE

ASIC Coins: LTC Algorithm: Handshake, SiaCoin Hashrate: 1.36 Th/s Power Consumption: 1.250 W Efficiency: 0.919 W/TH


iPollo V1 Mini

Algorithm: Ethash / ETHW, ETHF, ETC, QKC, CLO, POM Hashrate: 300 Mh/s Power: 240W


iPollo V1 Mini SE Plus

Algorithm: Ethash / ETHW, ETHF, ETC, QKC, CLO, POM Hashrate: 400 Mh/s Power: 232W


Jasminer X4 High throughput Mini server

Algorithm: EtHash Hashrate: 65MH/s Power Con: 30W Efficiency: 0.46 J/M

x4 high throughput.png

Jasminer X4 High throughput 1U Server

Algorithm: EtHash Hashrate:520MH/s Power Con: 240W Efficiency: 0.46 J/M