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Alpha Miner is a cryptocurrency mining hardware reseller and provider of related services. Founded in 2017 by a team involved in electronics manufacturing and distribution, Alpha Miner has established itself within the crypto mining industry for the quality, service, and value of their products. Surviving the crypto winter of 2018-2019, Alpha Miner aims to build stable, long-term relationships with their B2B customers.

According to their official website, Alpha Miner focuses on manufacturing three lines of products. Firstly, they continue to produce non-variable server power supply units (PSUs) as powerful as 3300W for the previous generation miners and riserless GPU servers. They have also developed smart PSUs for the latest miner generation, including Avalon 10XX/11XX, 12XX, Bitmain Antminer S17/T17, Bitmain Antminer S19/T19, with more powerful versions and PSUs for other manufacturers, such as Whatsminer, in development. Versions for both air and immersion applications are available, and power supplies can be customized to meet each customer's requirements.

Secondly, Alpha Miner manufactures a variety of GPU server chassis for both mining and high-performance computing (HPC). Their customized chassis match each specific customer's needs, and tens of thousands of cards worldwide are performing calculations and making their owners money thanks to their products.

Last but not least, Alpha Miner produces a variety of cooling fans, cables, wires, adapters, and wire harnesses for cryptomining and other applications. They have developed a line of special, immersion-specific power and Ethernet cables that won't harden, crack, or shed in aggressive fluid.

Alpha Miner is a proud member of the Bitcoin Mining Council.

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Unit 04, 7F Bright Way Tower, 33 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong 00000, HK

Office address

30 N Gould St, Ste 7253, Sheridan, Wyoming, US

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Michael Savuskan


California, USA


Dmitry Strelenko


Guangdong, China

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Main Products


Alpha Miner PSUs PSU-4KBM19

- For Bitmain Antminer S19 / T19 - 180 - 300 VAC - 4200W (4000 operational), 12 - 15.5 VDC output - Forced Air Cooling - Size, mm 255 x 252 x 63 - Net Weight, Kilos 3.4


Alpha Miner PSU-7KBM19

- For Immersion Bitmain Antminer S19 / T19 - Hydro-Colling - 7200W and 9500W peak output power - 200 - 300 VAC input - Size, mm 255 x 252 x 63 - Net Weight, Kilos 4


Alpha Miner PSU-4KBM17

- For Antminer S17/T17 Replacement for APW9 / APW9+ - Air Cooling - 180 - 300 VAC input - Peak 4000W (3600 operational), 14 - 22 VDC output - Size, mm 255 *252 * 63 - Weight 3.65 Kg


Alpha Miner PSU-4KAV12

- For Canaan Avalon 10XX, 11XX, 12XX Series ASIC Miners - Will be 277V compatible - Will be avaliable early in Q2, 2022

Alpha Miner PSU 2U.webp

Alpha Miner Universal Power Supply

- Air-Cooling - 180 - 300 VAC - Come in Variety of power supplies (1600W, 1800W, 2000W, 2200W, 2400W, 2600W, 3000W) - Dimensions - Vary depends on model - Weight - Vary depends on model