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Company Overview


SustainHash is a cryptocurrency mining hardware repair company and provider of other related services. Founded in 2022 SustainHash is based in Canada. According to their official website, SustainHash is committed to promoting sustainable business practices and providing high-quality service and products in the Crypto Mining industry. Their mission is to build trust and help shape a bright future for Proof of Work Cryptocurrencies.


1. Asic Repair Service: We will manage your remote mining operation for you! Our top priority is getting your ASIC’s back on the rack. Our professional technicians are trained to pay attention to the details, and get it right the first time. Send us one hashboard or 100 miners, we’ll get it done.

2. Onsite Operator Solutions: Need an onsite team? We've got you covered! We will hire, train, and maintain an onsite operations team for your mining facility. We'll bring our monitoring and repair systems, our ASIC Identity solutions, and expertise to your operation

3. Bulk Asic Refurbishing: Do you have thousands of miners sitting on pallets? We will refurbish them and work with you to find the best solution for your hardware. Whether you want to use us and our partners to broker them to our large network of buyers, or place them in a new off-grid mine, we can handle the whole process for you.

Year Established


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15355 116 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5M 3Z5, CA

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Team Members

Michael Shidler

CEO & Co-founder

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jasmine Hutchins

Scrum Master

Tampa, Florida, United States

Devon F

ASIC Repair Center Manager

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada