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Company Overview

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Static Tech supplies a solution for testing and diagnostics of the ASIC Miner hash board, through their product ‘MultiTester’.

The solution is compatible to major ASIC miner models including: Canaan Avalon Miner, Innosilicon, BITMAIN Antminer, Ebang EBIT, Aladdin, DragonMint, WhatsMiner, StrongU, Aixin, Aisen, Goldshell

Office address

40 WALL STREET #2935 NEW YORK, NY 10005

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Main Products

ASIC miner hashboard Multitester STASIC tech Basic

- For BITMAIN, Antminer, WhatsMiner, Aixin, StrongU, Innosilicon,Ebang EBIT, Aladdin, DragonMint, Goldshell


MultiTester STASIC tech Avalon Only

- Detection of a faulty chip on the hash board with the output of information about the location on the PC screen. - Determination of the number of serviceable chips on the hash board

STASIC tech BOX probe

- BOX Probe works in tandem with the STASIC tech Multi Tester - For Antminer, Innosilicon, Whatsminer, Ebit, Goldshell, StrongU


Multiсomplex STASIC tech Pro

- For Canaan Avalon Miner,BITMAIN,Antminer,WhatsMiner,Aixin,Goldshell,Innosilicon,Ebang EBIT,Aladdin,DragonMint,StrongU