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Company Overview


Manifold Mining is a cryptocurrency mining hardware repair company that provides services for repairing and servicing ASIC machines, such as Bitmain, Whatsminer, and Innosilicon. Founded in 2019, the company is based in The United States.

According to their official website, Manifold Mining has several advantages, including Bitmain certified repair technicians who can diagnose and repair advanced issues, like heatsink upgrades on Bitmain 17 series miners and burned boost circuit bypasses. The company guarantees that repaired boards will perform at certain performance thresholds and are backed by a 14-day warranty. In addition, Manifold Mining keeps fully functional hashboards in stock for replacements if necessary. Miners are repaired on average in 1-2 weeks, and the company uses a waitlist system to ensure efficient and rapid turnaround times.


1. Basic Repair Package

  • Compressed air cleaning
  • Repair of up to 3 chips
  • Whole board reflows
  • PIC Chip and EEPROM re-programming
  • Performance 80%+ of ideal hashrate guaranteed
  • Resoldering of any chips or components with solder based short circuits
  • Replacement of up to 2 other major components (e.g. LDO, capacitors, MOSFETs, temperature sensors, etc)

2. Advanced Repair Package (X17 series only)

  • Everything in the basic repair package
  • Heatsink upgrade
  • Trace repair
  • Boost circuit repair
  • Replacement of two additional chips (5 total)
  • Replacement of two additional components (4 total)
  • Performance 95% of ideal hashrate guaranteed

3. Custom Repair

  • For all non-17 series miners needing more than 3+ chips or components replaced
  • We will reach out to you after diagnosis with a cost estimate and give you the choice to either continue with the repair or declare the board unrepairable.

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285 Marshall Dr., New Castle, VA, United States

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Salem, Virginia, United States

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Blacksburg, Virginia, United States