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Advanced Crypto Services is a cryptocurrency mining hardware repair company and provider of other related services, based in the United States.

According to their official website, the company's leadership team represents decades of experience in electronics repair, electrical engineering, ASIC and GPU mining operations, hardware design, and software engineering. Additionally, Advanced Crypto Services is an IPC® member company and certified by the Antiminer Training Academy of Bitmain. ATA® certificate #: EN202104146A900069 IPC® membership #: 2197619


  1. Clean, Test, & Consolidate: a service to quickly inspect a large amount of machines, remove the items that need repair, and consolidate the working items into fully working miners that are ready to go back on the rack.
  2. Immersion Preparation: a service to prepare miners for immersion with ultrasonic cleaning, drying, and custom firmware installation, as well as the removal and return of miner fans and PSU fans.
  3. Spare Parts Procurement (MRO): a data-driven approach to procuring the right amount of spare parts to ensure maximum uptime with less money tied up in spare parts inventory.
  4. Repairable Parts Management (RPM): a program that goes beyond simply replacing a broken part by providing strategic on-site ownership, root cause analysis of failed parts, part rebuilds, intensive warranty tracking, and more.
  5. Diagnostics: a proprietary diagnostic tool developed by ACS' in-house engineering team that diagnoses even intermittent failures to increase repair quality and decrease repeated failures of equipment.
  6. Repairs: component-level repair of electronic assemblies performed by highly skilled technicians certified for Rework, Modification, and Repair of Electronic Assemblies, and appointed trainers for the Antminer® Training Academy. ACS is also an official Authorized Warranty Service Provider for MicroBT®.
  7. Field Service: on-site supplemental mining maintenance support and process improvement to ensure efficient operation and quick equipment problem-solving.

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7546 Pebble Dr. Bldg 29, Fort Worth, Texas 76118, United States

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Team Members


James Scaggs

Founder & CEO

Texas, United States


Will Middleton

Co-Founder & CFO

Texas, United States


David Cruz

Director of Operations

Texas, United States


Eric Liu

Director of Business Development

Texas, United States