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MicroBT is a manufacturer of ASIC mining hardware and provider of other related services. Founded in 2016, MicroBT is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has R&D centres in Beijing and Shanghai.

MicroBT manufactures a wide range of ASIC models, which can hash the following algorithms: SHA-256, Blake2S.

According to their official website, MicroBT focuses on blockchain and aritificial intelligence R&D, production and sales of integrated circuit chips and products. MibroBT adheres to the business philosophy "perfection, win-win, integrity", and aims to provide customers with high-quality products and services and to become an industry leader in the field of blockchain servers.


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Address 8th Floor,HSAE Building, Sixth Hi-Tech South Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

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Vincent Zhang

Sales Director

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Elsa Zhao

Marketing Manager

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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Main Products

Property 1=m30s+-100t-34.png

WhatsMiner M30S+

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 100Th/s Efficiency: 34W/T Power consumption: 3400W.

Property 1=m20s-68t-48.png

WhatsMiner M20S

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 68Th/s Power Consumption: 3360W

Property 1=m31s+-80t-42.png

WhatsMiner M31S+

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 80Th/s Efficiency: 42J/T Power consumption: 3360W

Property 1=m21s-56-60.png

WhatsMiner M21S

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate 56Th/s Power consumption: 3360W


M30s/M31s/M32 Replacement PSU

Input: 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz 20A Max Plug: C19

Screen Shot 2565-11-04 at 09.43.38.png

Whatsminer Replacement Fan Grill for M30S & M20S Series Miners

Replacement fan grill for M20S or M30s Whatsminer BTC Miner series. This fits the larger size fans only and does not come with screws.

Screen Shot 2565-11-04 at 09.44.14.png

Replacement Ribbon Cable

Whatsminer miner ribbon cable this is a part for M20s and M30s series miners

Screen Shot 2565-11-04 at 09.44.51.png

Replacement Hash Board Connector

Whatsminer hashboard connectors this is a part for M20s and M30s series miners

Screen Shot 2565-11-04 at 09.45.28.png

ASIC Chips for Hash Board Repair on M30 series

One replacement ASIC Chip for M30, M31 or M32 style hash boards

Screen Shot 2565-11-04 at 09.46.18.png

Controller Board for M30 series Miners

This is a replacement controller board for the M30 series miners

Screen Shot 2565-11-04 at 09.46.53.png

M30S / M21S / M20S Fan with square plug

5.25″ 350 CFM replacement fan for M30S , M20S or M21S only that have square cable plug end.


WhatsMiner M50S+

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 142Th/s Efficiency: 24J/T Power consumption: 3408W.


WhatsMiner M50S

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 130Th/s Efficiency: 26J/T Power consumption: 3380W.


WhatsMiner M30S++

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 112Th/s Efficiency: 31J/T Power consumption: 3472W.


WhatsMiner M30S

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 88Th/s Efficiency: 38J/T Power consumption: 3344W.


WhatsMiner M31S

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 72Th/s Efficiency: 46J/T Power consumption: 3312W.


WhatsMiner M53

Hydro cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 250Th/s Efficiency: 29J/T Power consumption: 7250W.


WhatsMiner M33S++

Hydro cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 240Th/s Efficiency: 31J/T Power consumption: 7440W.