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Company Overview

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Linzhi is a technology company based in Shenzhen, China. Our team working hard to offer you the best Ethash ASIC miner since 2018. Currently it’s a fact – Linzhi Phoenix. This device can mine around 300$ in ETH per day (based on the current ETH exchange rate) which is fantastic! The power consumption is just 3kW per hour. The device can be run in “Zombi Mode” which means that you can mine Ethereum when the DAG is over 4.4 GB. Watch the video bellow to see meet all of the features.


Private Enterprise

Year Established


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Shenzhen, China

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Team Members

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Werner Almesberger

System Architect

Vancouver, Canada

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Main Products


Linzhi Phoenix 2600MH

AirCooling Algorithm:Ethash Hashrate: 2600MH/s Efficiency : 29.5J/TH Power consumption: 3000W.