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Company Overview


Doctor Mining is a miner hosting provider that was founded in 2016 and is based in Venezuela. According to their official website, Doctor Mining is a strong advocate for Bitcoin and aims to empower the decentralized financial economy, particularly in Latin America. The company takes pride in creating a platform that offers ideas, services, and resources to facilitate efficient and enjoyable mining operations. They invite individuals to join their mining movement in Spanish, which aims to inspire people to believe in the potential of Bitcoin, learn about its benefits, and engage in mining to improve their lives.


  1. Mining pool (TRIBU): Doctorminer, together with an American company, which is dedicated to the technological development of the mining industry: Luxor, developed the first Mining Pool in Latin America (TRIBU), on October 30, 2020. TRIBU was born to contribute to the security of Bitcoin through the decentralization of mining power and the strengthening of the Latin American Bitcoin mining industries, taking advantage of the natural resources that Latin America offers, specifically in Venezuela where we have the 5th largest hydroelectric plant in the world, we are the 1st oil reserve and the 8th gas reserve.
  2. Hosting: A service that consists of installing, supervising, operating and maintaining third-party mining equipment in proprietary hashrate infrastructures (farms). It is ideal for those individuals or companies, who decide to invest in this industry and do not have the technical knowledge, sufficient capital or adequate infrastructure for a digital mining operation. Adequate infrastructure for a digital mining operation.
  3. Infrastructure: The hashrate infrastructure is a professionally engineered physical space that hosts mining equipment. The infrastructure is as important as the ASICs themselves. For this reason, Doctorminer has invested a lot of effort, time and resources in establishing the most efficient design criteria, based on the highest international standards, due to our close relationship with the most important miners in the global industry, as well as in our human capital in the areas of architecture, engineering and construction with the most experience in the local sector.

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Calle Londres, Edificio IUS, Oficina 2-2 , Caracas, Miranda 1060, Venezuela

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Team Members

Theodoro Segundo Toukoumidis Araujo

CEO & Co-Founder

Federal District, Venezuela

Juan José Pinto


Greater Madrid Metropolitan Area, Spain

Eduardo Jose Lugo

Operations manager

Federal District, Venezuela

José Hernández

Finance Manager

Miranda State, Venezuela