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Company Overview


Crypto Mining Insurance DSO is a miner hosting provider based in the United States. Founded in 2022, the company specializes in offering operating and hosting services to business clients in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

According to their official website, Crypto Mining Insurance DSO takes care of all the operational aspects, allowing clients to effortlessly accumulate cryptocurrency. DSO prides itself on delivering excellence in all aspects of its operations. Their flagship facility sets a new standard in cryptocurrency mining, and they believe that the details of their services speak for themselves. Here are some key reasons why clients choose DSO:

  • Certified Management: DSO adheres to manufacturer recommendations for maintenance and operations procedures, and their facility is managed by certified mining farm operations engineers. This ensures that clients receive professional and compliant services.
  • Reliability: The facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art dual feed substation, ensuring high reliability with an annual average uptime of 99.9%. This level of performance meets or exceeds the requirements of corporate data centers. Additionally, the Data Center is monitored 24/7 to ensure continuous and reliable operations.
  • Reduced Emission: DSO values its customers' commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. More than 55% of the facility's electricity is sourced from zero-carbon sources. Furthermore, DSO has plans to completely eliminate its carbon footprint within the next five years, demonstrating their dedication to sustainability.
  • Security: DSO prioritizes the protection of clients' assets. They have a dedicated team of security personnel and follow proven procedures that comply with Department of Defense security requirements. This ensures that clients' mining operations and assets are safeguarded.


Immersion hosting - a revolutionary cooling technique that submerges ASIC miners in a non-conductive liquid coolant. This method eliminates the need for traditional air cooling systems, allowing for significantly higher power densities and lower operating temperatures.

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