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Citadel 256 is a miner hosting provider headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Since its establishment in 2020, the company has built a strong reputation in the industry. According to their official website, Citadel 256's management team has an impressive track record, having developed over 100MW of Bitcoin mining operations in North America. They have also achieved successful public listings, including Hut 8 Mining, Tudou, and 3iQ.

With extensive experience in managing large-scale energy projects worth over $1 billion, Citadel 256 possesses the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of the mining industry. Their capabilities span various areas, such as site identification and procurement, due diligence, negotiating long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs), construction contracting, and permitting. Additionally, they excel in establishing and managing efficient data center operations, including staffing, operations, and liaising with regulators and local governments.

As an enterprise-scale hosting provider, Citadel 256 offers comprehensive solutions for Bitcoin miners. They provide all-in hosting services, assisting clients in the installation and management of their miners at competitive rates to ensure profitable Bitcoin mining. The company has a proven track record of negotiating favorable electricity supply agreements, enabling them to offer cost-effective electricity to their clients.

Citadel 256 also specializes in site procurement and development, handling due diligence processes, equipment procurement, and site build-outs. They take care of ongoing data center operations, including staffing, hardware installation, equipment troubleshooting and repairs, and site security.

An additional expertise of Citadel 256 lies in facilitating the migration of Chinese miners to stable North American sites. They understand the unique challenges involved in relocation and possess the necessary knowledge and resources to assist miners in navigating the process successfully.

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West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Squamish, British Columbia, Canada