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Boxminer is a miner hosting provider based in the United States, specializing in Bitcoin mining services. Since their establishment in 2013, Boxminer has been actively involved in various aspects of the mining industry. They engage in Bitcoin mining, develop mining sites, and offer containers and miners for sale.

Boxminer focuses on site development and sales in multiple regions across the United States, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, North Dakota, and South Dakota. They continuously seek new opportunities and engage in the development of mining sites.

As a colocation brokerage, Boxminer collaborates with developers during the site buildout process and facilitates connections with customers as projects near completion. With the colocation market experiencing limited capacity, their emphasis on site buildout has become increasingly crucial.

Boxminer also specializes in container and miner sales, working with ten container manufacturers to offer a range of options to their clients. They provide preferred pricing, in-stock opportunities, and excellent pricing for miners from renowned brands such as Bitmain and Whatsminer. Prices are tied to Bitcoin pricing, and customers can contact Boxminer for a personalized quote.

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Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia

Farm address

Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

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Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma

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Oregon, Wyoming, Montana

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Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota

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