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Shenzhen Woyou International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 and located at Shenzhen, China, with 2,000sqm factory, is one of the most powerful suppliers of currency mining machine in China. We specialized in various brands of mining machines, Graphic cards, mining machine accessories. Further more, ANTMINER,WHATSMINER,AVALON... as our company strategic long cooperation partner. So far, we have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Dubai, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Spain, Greece, Turkey, etc., and has achieved long-term stability with thousands of customers partnership.

The whole series of primary source of Mining machines, Graphics cards are stock in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Russia, Malaysia...warehouse. Welcome global strength customers to visit our company and negotiate business. We will develop the local market with our high-quality products to achieve a mutually beneficial and stable cooperation.

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No. 46 Dakeng Road, Tongle Community, Baolong Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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Main Products

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WhatsMiner M30S+

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 100Th/s Efficiency: 34W/T Power consumption: 3400W.

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WhatsMiner M31S+

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 80Th/s Efficiency: 42J/T Power consumption: 3360W

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Whatsminer Replacement Fan Grill for M30S & M20S Series Miners

Replacement fan grill for M20S or M30s Whatsminer BTC Miner series. This fits the larger size fans only and does not come with screws.


Goldshell KD MAX

Algorithm: Kadena Hashrate: 40.2 TH/S Efficiency: 3350W/h


Antminer Bitcoin Miner S19 XP Hydro

Hydro-cooling Miner BTC/BCH/BSV SHA256 Hashrate: 250T Power Con: 5200W Efficiency: 20.8J/T

Screen Shot 2565-11-03 at 21.03.27.png

Antminer Bitcoin Miner S19 XP

Air-cooling Miner BTC/BCH/BSV SHA256 Hashrate: 141T Power Con: 3031.5W Efficiency: 21.5J/T


Antminer ETH/ETC Miner E9

ETH/ETC Ethash Hashrate: 2400M Power Con: 1920W Efficiency: 0.8 J/M

Screen Shot 2565-11-03 at 21.12.56.png

Antminer Zcash Miner Z15 (Power Supply Not Included)

ZEC Equihash Air-cooling Miner Hashrate: 420KSol Power: 1510W Efficiency: 3.6J/KSol


WhatsMiner M50S+

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 142Th/s Efficiency: 24J/T Power consumption: 3408W.


WhatsMiner M50S

Air cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 130Th/s Efficiency: 26J/T Power consumption: 3380W.


WhatsMiner M53

Hydro cooling Algorithm: SHA256 Hashrate: 250Th/s Efficiency: 29J/T Power consumption: 7250W.