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Company Overview


JSHP Transformer (JiangSu HuaPeng Transformer Co., Ltd.) was found in 1967 and now it is a completely family owned manufacturer. JSHP tops the China Top 10 Transformer Manufacturers surveyed by the China Transformer Manufacturer Association. JSHP Transformer still proudly keeps ZERO catastrophic failure with thousands of transformers in operation around the world before June, 2011. JSHP Transformer is located in Liyang city, Jiangsu province and 40 minutes drive to provincial capital Nanjing City and 2 hours drive to Shanghai. JSHP Transformer production line focus on transformer only, power transformer manufacturing capacity is up to 750kV, 1000MVA.

According to the Germany-based business data provider Fygen, JSHP Transformer is currently the largest producer of Medium Power Transforms ( MPT) in the world.

Year Established


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4030 Moorpark Ave. Ste. 222, San Jose, CA 95117, USA

Office address

68 Kunlun Developemnt Zone Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, 213300, China

Office address

Hofweg 64E , 22085 Hamburg, Deutschland, Germany

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Team Members

Zhu Guofan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

California, USA

Jim Cai

General Manager

California, United States

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Main Products

Wind Turbine Cell Transformer

JSHP Cast-Resin transformer is up to 115KV, 40MVA.

JStrongTM Transformers

JSHP’s JStrongTM transformer are designed for offshore wind turbine cell installation. It can withstand the internal arcing without tank rupture and causing fire. - MVA Ratings Up to 10 MVA Up to 10 MVA

35KV Three phase oil-immersed power transformers

JSHP's main production line is 500/750kV, 220/345KV, 110KV, 66KV, 35KV three phase oil-immersed power transformers, shunt reactors , and phase shifting transformers.

JSHP MV Power Station

JSHP has designed and built thousands of the MV power stations delivered worldwide . With all the factory tests and fields installations, the design and tests of the items listed in IEC 62271-202 are critical for MV power station. Unfortunately, ANSI/IEEE/UL does not have equivalent standard yet.